Wisepicks For 17 January

Rinku Shah


What you say,
can slay.
Words can be sharp 
and hurtful,
speak being more mindful.


Mary Kirkpatrick 


Words have such power 
to hurt you,
When the person 
means a lot to you.
Mary Kirkpatrick
Verbal abuse can cut 
like a knife,
Hurting another 
for the rest of their life.


Randall Ewart


Your words are like daggers 
to the heart.


Morgan Wilkins


The words you say 
do more damage 
than any knife ever could


Kamlesh Bhasin


Think before you speak!
The tongue can project 
words to Kill.


Sherry Greene 


Your words not only wound
They can also kill
With your talons and teeth
And a voice oh so shrill
So please just back off
Calm down now, and chill 


Edwina Hayes


If words really did cut like a knife, 
we might be more careful 
how we used them


Deborah Poff


Word leave lasting scars
 that are unseen


Felicia Holmes


Like daggers to the heart,
words can be dangerously sharp.  


Sonam Kataria 


If words had their way, 
some would become immortal,
many would see their last day.  


Patty Rivera


Your Angry Words 
Are Like Daggers 
Through My Heart
Pain that Lingers


Linda Mansolf


Sticks and stones 
may break your bones 
but words can really kill you.

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