Wisepicks For 17 December

Shilpika Bagh 


The profound mind cage 
built on what others think or say 
will cripple your freedom 
to live life your way.


Blair Robinson


Trapped by the 
opinions of others.


Ann Quek-Hasenauer


Don’t let words of others 
put you in a cage


Shilpika Bagh


The day you let others “define you”; 
you give them the power 
to “confine you”.


Belinda Stott


A mother’s words can be so harmful 
they can imprison their daughter 
and keep her from 
believing in herself.


Mercy Fury 


Our words create prisons 
we can never escape, 
careful what you say.


Karthik Parthasarathy 


Never be caged, 
By what others say, 
They have their views, 
Not the gospel truth. 
For each their own, 
We have ours to live, 
Live it the way you want to, 
Not on how others ask to.  


Happy Honey


No one can cage you,
No one can free you,
Unless you allow them to.  


Rinku Shah


Don’t allow anyone to tell you what is right or wrong…
Take a stand and stay strong.
Words that detain…
Need to be used with restraint! 


Felicia Holmes


Parenting moments 
should be used to teach 
& help guide,
not to limit or cast aside.


Vibhavari Bhushan


That tender age
When mind is caged
Parental advices enrage
Lacking power to envisage.  


Dazzling Smile


Don’t trap yourself 
in the ideas of others.


Asmiya S


Don’t let your mind 
to be imprisoned 
in someone else’s command.

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