Wisepicks For 16 September

Wisepicks For 16 September

Wisepicks for Caption This image Published on 16 September.

Myee Jean Atherton Munns


For so long I believed the words you said
You kept me bound and full of dread
Now the door is open and I shall leave, 
no longer entrapped by your vicious creed. 
Cutting loose and leaving free, 
your shadow no longer entangles me!


Mai Quesada


Be not a victim and prisoner 
of a narcissistic behavior!
Defend your very basic right 
for human dignity
Self-worth demeaning must not 
be tolerated at all


Rinku Shah


Snip off the ties,
That were nothing but lies
In your hunger to control me,
The pain you inflicted, 
you could never see.
I set myself free 
and walk out through the door,
Putting an end 
to your dominance 
and verbal war!  




The reckless words you let loose,
They are slowly becoming my noose.
Us became you and me,
And I am no longer free.
I can’t bring myself to negotiate 
a timely truce.
I never wanted it this way, 
but you made me to choose.. 


Jesikkah Grills 


Constantly tangled 
by hurtful abuse
All the fighting
she had to break loose
To set herself free 
she cut the vine
So she can be free 
and finally shine 


Jamie Phillips 


The door is open
the steady hand that you wave
steadily speaking
with nothing you say
cutting you off 
with a cut and a tie
creating a tale
with all of your lies 


Kiesha Angel-Laree Sturdy 


Your control and abusive words 
entangled me
I had to find the strength 
to cut you off 
before you strangled me


Charlotte Jenner 


Cutting the cord 
of narcissism


Amanda Thompson


Cut the ties that bind you
 to be free and live 
the beautiful colorful life 
you’re supposed to


Debra Pry


Your words and like barbed wire 
wrapped around my soul
I’m cutting you off,
And making myself whole. 


Emma Wright 


Your words can’t hurt me 
no more


Sulekha Pande


The verbal bully 
has no guts, 
all it needs to shut him
are a few cuts.


Emma Mattson


Cut off the narcissist 
that tries to bind you 
into believing you’re the problem, 
not them.

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