Wisepicks For 16 November

Felicia Holmes

Some of the biggest hearts 
have been conditioned 
to believe pain means love.

Cathy Lovas


Teach my hands to War
and my fingers to fight. 
To kick the cold indifference 
in so many lives.


Jacquie McCann


Another blow 
to my trusting heart


Debra Pry 


Welcome to my tortured heart,
It takes a licking,
But keeps on ticking.  


M Jeyaram


Only you alone are allowed 
to tend and mend my heart, 
after all it beats only for you. 
Bouquets and brickbats are our life.


Arlene Larocque Jones


Your heart is not a punching bag
Blow after blow will take its toll.  


Prasupta Roy 


Strong is the heart
that suffers the most


Megan Rose Clark


Trust your heart, 
don’t fight it


Arina Danca E Vida


The kindest and strongest hearts 
are the ones that has endured 
many of life’s beatings.  




No matter the pain,
you will always find love 
in bruised stain.




Practice your heart 
to be not just strong enough 
to withstand and endure pain 
but strong enough 
to bleed love everytime.


Chinhita Bose


The pain will never depart
If you keep punching 
your heart  


Adam Rolon


Don’t allow 
someone you love 
to abuse you ..


Poetess Farzeen Luhar


Sometimes, you have to 
force the love out, 
in order to get back some


Shivansh Shukla
Fighting with feelings


Sam Garrett 


Love hurts 
when loving the 
wrong person too much 

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