Wisepicks For 16 March

Mary Esther Si


We sink in
the quicksand of time.
Forgotten and no more.




Enjoy the moments
as it comes.
Be grateful as it goes.
what happens in time,
no one really knows.


Aarushi Saboo


Do something
before you are buried
under the
justices of time!


Wayne Kelley


The hand of time
shows no mercy.


Carol M. Downey Dawson


Save me
from the
hands of time.


Debra Pry


Time is a trap.
By the time
you get
your life together,
You may be old
and weathered.
But if you live
in the moments
of the the day,
You still may have
time to play.


Jen McDonald-Conolly


Weighed down
by the pressures
of time.


Rinku Shah


Life has become
a race,
And I’m trying
to keep up
with its pace.
Now I’m sinking;
all the time thinking.


Sherry Greene


To think of all the time
I let slip by,
putting things off
for tomorrow.
And now
all my time
has passed,
Alone with regret
and sorrow.


Geeta P


Time is getting
out of hands.


Ñidhi Kañwar


When one
leaves everything
for tomorrow
then they are
suffocated by time.


Sylvia Partanen


Be the master
of your mind,
not a slave
of your time.
Rise above
the seconds,
hours and days.
 A lifetime is your’s
and you can spend it
in countless ways.


Frances McCabe


The hand of time,
stands still for no one.


Nessie Cadag


As we age,
we will be
run out of time.
So live each day
as if it is our last.


Sulekha Pande


Time drowns the kings
and paupers alike.


Davinder O’Hagan


We are all handed
the same
amount of time.
Success comes from how
you choose to use it.


Denise Smart


Buried under the
tenets of time.


Rod Gin


We are already drown
by our own time.
It is only up to us
on how to spend it.


Donna McCarthy


You cannot turn back
the hand of time.


Cory E Lizabeth


We can never
turn back
the hand of time.
Enjoy moments wisely.

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