Wisepicks For 15 September

Wisepicks For 15 September

Tanya Toppin


People only know
what I allow them to see.
But really, underneath
there is so much more to me

David Knight


Don’t judge a book
by its cover
things aren’t always
what they seem to be.


Rinku Shah


What you conceal,
Will never heal.
Through the tear,
let the light in,
True happiness
starts from within


Star Mcgregor


Don’t judge a book by its cover!
The facade can sometimes conceal
the unopened, torn,
tormented story
concealed within pages
of someone’s story,
that no one has bothered
to open and read.


Karthik Parthasarathy


Being happy on the outside, 
Not a guarantee 
of internal happiness, 
Many a person tends to hide, 
Their brokenness inside. 


Aderinboye Micheal Olawale


A happy face 
could be a broken heart
Sadness isn’t written 
on the face but in the 
conscience of the mind


Bambi Na


Read me between the lines, 
Hear me in every punctuation.
Rip my heart through the pages.
And you may feel my soul.


Felicia Holmes


Under this sheet of lies,
is the broken truth. 


Meenakshi Sharma


Pretend to be happy 
while store the pain within.


Debra Pry


There is a thin line 
between broken and happy.
Learn to flip the switch,
And breakthrough to happy.


Theresa Heinrich


Broken on the inside, 
faking happy on the outside


Sherry Greene
Sherry Greene 


If only you could see
The deeper side of me


Mai Quesada


A strong conviction to be happy
though undeniably broken inside! 


Laira Margen 


Happy on the outside, 
broken on the inside.


Che Pelagio


Having this ache inside you 
that you don’t know 
how to mute.


Ankita Gupta


I’m deep inside, 
Being Happy is what 
keeps me Alive.


Natalie Smith


Don’t be afraid 
to scratch the surface


Jo Haughey


When we have the courage
 to expose our true inner self, 
we can surround ourselves 
with great happiness


Nerisha Kemraj 


Beneath the happy exterior, 
lies a broken soul 
Once the facade breaks – 
watch the turmoil unfold 


Kayley Easterbrook


False layers break open 
under the pressure of 
suppressed emotions

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