Wisepicks For 15 October

Wisepicks For 15 October

Ann Quek-Hasenauer 


With patience 
I will recover 
to my beautiful self 



Build yourself
with patience.


Mary Mineau 


Time will fill in 
the blanks


Debbie Leibold


Her life was slowly disappearing 
right before her eyes 
as she patiently waited 
for the perfect life to begin.


Denise M. Ramirez


The patience she had for 
others’ mistakes and cruelty 
ate away at who she was 
and made HER invisible 
until all they saw of her was 
who THEY needed her to be 
and what she could do for THEM.


Rinku Shah


I am work in progress!
I don’t have it all together as yet, 
but I’m patiently working 
on myself, for myself
And all by myself! 


Sulekha Pande


The unsaid words,
the unseen tortures,
my soul has endured,
look deep and you’ll see,
the wounds and writings,
etched on my face..


Sheila Syahira


The patience label 
they put on her 
has become her 
lifestyle for years
And she begins to lose 
her half self 


Felicia Holmes


Without patience 
while you grow,
you will never know 
what it’s like to be whole.


Roma Manglani


I am work in process. 
Do you have the patience 
to wait till I get whole? 


Sulekha Pande


The story of my patience,
is written in my grace,
the stories of my soul,
are imprinted on my face….  


Sharon La Fond


My patience is wearing thin.


Asmiya S 


Endure what burdens you
Let the patience define you.  


Nicole Dundon Blanchard


When I embody patience 
in all of its essence, 
then I will realize my self 
and my world in its entirety.  


Roma Manglani


Patience is a virtue indeed, 
but it loses its relevance 
when it starts to eat you. 


Aren Faye Quetua


Trust the process of patience 
until you find yourself whole.


Dennis Maloney


Has your patience 
worn too thin?


Aislynne Rowbaht


The time it takes to grow 
who you are is the patience 
it takes to be who you are.


Belinda Stott 


Struggling with the art 
of being patient.


Jeff Taylor 


Patience is all that is left.

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