Wisepicks For 15 November

Ceona Chambers


Don’t let the thoughts and 
careless words of others 
become your burden


Arlene Larocque Jones


Words weigh heavy 
on those that care too much 


Alaine Sosa Alodaga


They all have 
something to say 
but none of them helps you 
in any way


Shubha Vasan


Other’s opinion 
would only weigh you down,
Don’t make yourself a clown. 


Emma Wright


Other people’s thoughts 
weighing you down


Chinhita Bose


Do not be burdened 
by what others say
Pave your own way 


Ashok Pande 


Never carry the weight 
of others thoughts with you.
Listen, evaluate but 
do what you think is right.


M Jeyaram 


Those that shout in arrogance 
only display their ignorance. 
A show of poor performance 
despite enjoying social importance. 


Arlene Larocque Jones


Free yourself 
of everyone else’s opinion 
of who you are, what you do, 
and what you stand for.


Ashok Pande


Thoughts turn to whispers,
Whispers turn to opinions.
Opinions turn to acts,
Careful, that’s a lot of load to carry,
Lighten up.


Ashok Pande 


Fame extracts it’s own price, 
that you have to bear, 
the load of expectations,
on your shoulders.


Rinku Shah


You are responsible 
for the load you carry,
This burden is so unnecessary.
People will always talk
You need to straighten 
your back and walk!


Rinku Shah


Societal pressure
is beyond measure.
Be your own master 
to avoid disaster!


Prasupta Roy


Never let your soul 
be burdened 
with others thoughts.




People talk 
behind your back.
A kind note : 
Don’t give a knack.


Nancy Shurkoff


Tisk task, this and that.
The burden of their thoughts 
need concern you not. 
Mind your own and 
happiness you shall find, 
for their back-breaking thoughts 
displeases one’s mind.  


Faith Dunsmuir


Don’t let the gossip 
weigh you down


Tina Bell


When you carry 
the opinions of others 
it makes you too weak 
to have your own


Hina Jain


People will say things, 
it’s their business to talk,
Why to take so much burden,
When you can carry 
your own thoughts. 


Sulekha Pande 


The more you worry about 
others opinions,
the heavier your life
will become.

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