Wisepicks For 15 March

Debra Pry

Bonded with heart,
but torn away
with distance.


Donna McCarthy


Young hearts
that grow in love
will leave a imprint
on the heart.


Ashish Verma


Time torn us apart.
Yet,love dwells
in our heart.
May this darkness
never fleet,
As in it our souls meet.


Rinku Shah


If only adults would learn
to let go of
their ego,
Then children
would be close at heart
Not far apart!


Sherilyn Campbell


Keep your partner close
but don’t lose touch
with your children.
Keep connections
in your heart.


Noemi Buan Dealca


Bind by heart
but separated
by perception.


Kiquanda Baker


Fear will always keep us
from our heart’s desire.


Lizbeth Morales Padlan


Our hearts and souls
unite even though
we are apart.


Felicia Holmes


We found each other
in the darkness of night
and yet here we are,
alone in the light.


James Webb


the greatest things are
just around the corner.
But it’s hard
to look around
when you feel
like you’re lost.


Kit Ritter


Together we can be
more than
mere shadows
of ourselves.


Elizabeth Morrow


The heart knows
what the mind
has difficulty admitting.


Sheila Cotterall


Only by turning inward
and facing our
own darkness
can the light cast
a different reflection
on our desires!


Ikenna Onwuekwe


Our bodies
may be separated
but in good or bad times,
our souls remain together.


Sherry Greene


We stand divided,
the shadow
of togetherness;
only yesterday
present behind us.
What lies ahead?
Only tomorrow knows.


Mary Kirkpatrick


even when we grow up,
our inner child
wants to show up.


Shibatosh Kar


Divided in childhood.
United we stand
in adulthood.


Patricia Mathieu


Waiting for you
in the shadows.


Carol Strutt


Shadows of our
former selves.


Lorna Abelido


Distance never
set us apart.
It draws us closer
than apart.


Adewale Feranmi


In love
but separated by pride.


Shelly Wvhs


Always together in heart;
never together in reality.

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