Wisepicks For 15 March

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Debra Pry

Bonded with heart,
but torn away
with distance.


Donna McCarthy


Young hearts
that grow in love
will leave a imprint
on the heart.


Ashish Verma


Time torn us apart.
Yet,love dwells
in our heart.
May this darkness
never fleet,
As in it our souls meet.


Rinku Shah
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If only adults would learn
to let go of
their ego,
Then children
would be close at heart
Not far apart!


Sherilyn Campbell


Keep your partner close
but don’t lose touch
with your children.
Keep connections
in your heart.


Noemi Buan Dealca


Bind by heart
but separated
by perception.


Kiquanda Baker


Fear will always keep us
from our heart’s desire.


Lizbeth Morales Padlan


Our hearts and souls
unite even though
we are apart.


Felicia Holmes


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