Wisepicks For 15 January

Debra Pry


Oh, what a tangled web 
we weave,
When the heart and mind,
Fails to agree.




 If you let your ego prevail, 
love shall suffer and fail.


Sheila Cotterall 


Amid a battle of wills, 
hearts strive to rid ills.


Vyvienne Chamberlain 


Hearts are still yearning 
as we can see,
whilst brains are still learning 
how to agree. 


Kasturi Basu 


Never ending Conflict 
They know it for sure
Yearning for each other
Yet the distance 
The distance built up by
And Shaped up into
Combat of Ego.


Sherry Greene 


Our heads may argue, 
fuss and fight
But in our hearts we know 
what is right.
If we stop letting ego 
get in the way
Our love may last 
for another day.  


Jeanie Elizabeth


Toxic relationships
 always come with 
invisible strings.


Mary Kirkpatrick


Our craving hearts yearn,
For love to return.
But fight and silence 
have taken hold,
Leaving us feeling unhappy 
and cold. 


Donna McCarthy


The battle between the brain 
and the heart, always leaves us 
sitting apart.


Shilpika Bagh


“Me before we” mind perceptions; 
strain “heartfelt” connections.


Arlene Larocque Jones


When wrestling 
with the hearts and minds
Everyone loses every time 

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