Wisepicks For 15 December

Felicia Holmes

When knowledge 
opens the door,
be prepared to do more.
Your brain is not an accessory,
it is a necessity.  


Jack Joseph


From literature 
we emerge 
with knowledge


Kamlesh Bhasin


Seeds sprouts into fruitful trees,
Education sprouts into literates, 
in many fields.


Naren Tumma 


Once you enter a book, 
you can’t come out 
bare hands


Sherry Greene


Anyone ready for 
an intellectual trip?


Arlene Larocque Jones


Those with the smarts to flee
To live a life that’s free
Sometimes opportunities are lost
Sometimes with a great cost
Who would have ever thought
Freedom had a price ticket 
and needed to be bought.  


Helen Quinlivan 


Let your imagination take flight 
and characters come to life, 
as you delve deep into 
the covers of a good read!


Mani Jack


The ones who take reading 
as a permanent habit 
will always bring 
extra luggage of knowledge 
at the airport of ignorance.


Dishi Mehrotra


Those who can 
check-in grey matter 
by being friends with books 
are wise enough to fly high


Rinku Shah


Members of Frequent Readers Club
 are required to check in immediately,
We will take off shortly.
Please don’t leave behind
Your mind.
It’s a must on this Flight of Imagination,
To an undiscovered destination! 


Sabiha Nikhat


You never know how 
the books become your gateway 
for the imaginary world 
you wish to travel.




Your imagination
undergoes transformation
with every travel you go
through books


Mai Quesada


Every destination provides 
a good learning experience.

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