Wisepicks For 14 September

Wisepicks For 14 September

Wisepicks For 14 September

Ceona Chambers


Poetry filling my soul,
running down my cheeks,
as through my eyes
our story leaks


Debra Pry


My soul,
bleeds my tears to words
And I become
the Poetry that I speak.


Muzenga Phiri


Tears speak
a million words
and emotions
from the soul.


Ceona Chambers


My tears are saturated
with your words




The stain of her tears
on the whole speaks about
many a pain of her soul.




She smiled like she had
no worry.
But her tears spoke
of melancholy.
As they fell down leaving
the stain,
They told stories of her
deep pain.


Marilyn Meissner Aruta


Tears can tell so many stories
 – some of pain,
some of joy.


Avaiyak Ahngasuk


Her eyes are mirrors into her soul,
her tears speak a thousand words.
I hear your silence,
I hear your pain.
A well of words running down your face,
tears shed, her words bled.


Jackie De Klerk


What I can’t say,
I cry away.
I look up for inspiration,
Within my desperation.


Manvi Jain


Someone said
       Eyes speak
I believe
      They do
When you
       Fail to.


Karthik Parthasarathy


I cry a lot,
Words are my tears though,
I emote through them,
The way to express,
My innermost thoughts,
And deepest feelings.
My words are my tears,
I do cry a lot.


Trine Hansen


She had no words to describe
all the pain
she saw in the world,
so the words expressed themself
through her painful tears.


Anindya J Ganguly


Through my grouched out vision
I fail to perceive anything new
As tears of wisdom flake & froth
In a facade of alphabets,
all askewed

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