Wisepicks For 14 October

Wisepicks For 14 October



The more I read books,
The more I read myself.


Faith Dunsmuir


Split between
fantasy and reality


Nirekshitha Kunder


Slice through me,
you will see the stories
I have endured


Mikala Grievson


We all have a story


Sulekha Pande


You become
what you read.


Sherry Greene


We all contain our own books
A lifetime of events
Story upon story within
Waiting to be read
Hoping to be shared
Yearning to be appreciated


Jackie De Klerk


You may page through me,
I’m open, take a look an see.
Right now I’m at a stage,
writing again to escape this cage.


Debbie Leibold


The pages of your soul
are filled with stories
you won’t even know exist
until you open your mind
to read them.


Felicia Holmes


The things you read
become a part of who you are.


Rinku Shah


Some read books,
Others read people
The learning is
immense in both.


Aida Montanez


You are responsible
for your content
be mindful of
what you absorb

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