Wisepicks For 14 November

Clint Despi


We all have our ways
to fill what we feel


Arlene Larocque Jones


We self medicate 
to compensate.


Rinku Shah


Drowning yourself 
in alcohol and smoke,
Will only make you sulk and choke.
Let love play its part
In fixing a hurting heart!  

Shane Mayabb
Upon second thought 
let us do what we ought, 
remove this derision of clatter 
and get to the heart of the matter.

Sam Mason


Wine wine goes to the heart, 
the more you drink 
your emotions part.


Mercy Fury


Your heart fills 
with what vices 
you take in.


Ashok Pande


Smokes & drinks,
can never fill an
empty heart.  


Dennisha Bradley
Closed eyes and empty hearts.
Quenching hers maybe the start.
Inflating his drifts them apart.
Avoiding eyes with tempting hearts.  


Rocco DiMascio


The addiction cure 
for the disease 
called emptiness. 


Debra Pry


We all choose our poison,
When hearts are hungry for lies.




Every heart has its craving.
When filled with overdose, 
it all needs saving.


Joyce Amonette


Just filling the void


Arlene Larocque Jones


Don’t shorten 
your life’s expectancy 
on temporary dependency,


Mitchell Thomas


A vise is a way 
to pick your poison 
to fill an empty heart  


Alana Lana


Smoke away the hurt,
drink away the pain,
keep playing pretend,
For Love is just a game.  


Ann Doherty


Drowning your heart in things 
leaves no room for people

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