Wisepicks For 14 March

James Webb


All that caffeine
might keep
your mind up
but it can’t make
your mind work.


Mary Kirkpatrick


The many things that
support your thinking,
often depend on what
you are drinking.


Jackie De Klerk


First 1 cup,
then plenty more.
Now all
I do is pour.
My brain refuses
to function,
unless with
a coffee filled conjunction.


Mary Kirkpatrick


Stimulants may raise
your brain power,
but the effect decreases
hour by hour.


Stan Nowicki


All the coffee
in the world
cannot get you out
of your own head.


Venessa Sylvestre


Never underestimate
the strength of
coffee on a Monday!


Kamlesh Bhasin


Excess of anything
becomes an addiction!


Neha Garcha


Having a stubborn brain
with addiction to caffeine
is the new recipe
of survival.


Jack Will


lead the way.
Guide my lazy
brain today!


Äñîtå Sãhóø


Sipping on
too much caffeine,
All through
your busy mornings,
to keep
your brain more mobile,
later takes a heavy
toll on your mind.


Sheila Cotterall


No amount of
caffeine is
strong enough
to raise the weight
of my brain
when it’s bottomed out!


Ashish Verma


Being powerful,
a mind needs
extra strength to
start functioning.


Donna Lehigh


The lazy brain
requires more caffeine!

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