Wisepicks For 14 January

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Nicky Djalilova


Anchored down by my thoughts, 
which won’t let me go. 
I must lift myself off the floor 
and I must go.


Cathy Lovas


Negative thoughts 
will sink you like a ship.


Manvi Jain 


Anchoring me to my earth,
This is what says my crown,
No matter what I may become in life,
I’ll always respect my past and ground.


Judy Welk Rader


My thoughts 
are my anchor.


Belinda Stott


Worry and negative thinking 
can weigh us down,




Your thoughts should lift you up, 
not weigh you down.


Ceona Chambers 


On my head I should wear a crown, 
instead of allowing my mind 
to weigh me down


Morvin Morris Budna Jr.


Never settle, raise your sail 
and explore new journeys.


Jade Victoria 


Stop holding onto thoughts 
that do not free yourself 
from the anchors of life


Felicia Holmes


Don’t allow too many things
 to weigh on your mind, 
or you will always be 
looking down.


Rinku Shah


Being grounded is good,
But not when it’s misunderstood.
Chin up and look ahead
Time to let go instead!  


Mary Kirkpatrick


The despair inside us, 
that no one can see,
Hold us down like anchors, 
or drowns us at sea.


Armando Dasigo Baria


Set your mind free
too much thinking is heavy.


Sulekha Pande 


The more negativity 
you harbour within,
the worse situation you’ll face,
they will bog you down,
and never allow you to set sail.
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