Wisepicks For 14 February

Tina Bell


The painful things you say
overshadow the superficial gifts
you give

Warren Brock


This beautiful gift
comes with conditions !


Euselyn De Vera Baria


No gifts can suffice me,
with hurting words
you’ve done to me.


Sheila Cotterall


A barbed tongue
can sever the meaning,
To the feeling of joy
when giving or receiving!


Felicia Holmes


A gift given upon condition,
holds the receiver
in an arbitrary prison.


Mary Kirkpatrick


Let me bribe you
into doing it my way,
I capture your thoughts
and control what you say.


Rinku Shah


Be careful of what
has been wrapped,
It’s only to get you trapped!
Listen to what people say,
Words often give away!


Shilpika Bagh


Your words
caught my attention;
couldn’t perceive
then your intentions.


Marjie Yule Davitt


Your vicious sharp tongue,
spoils the kindness of the gift.
No-way is this going
to change the rift..


Bélanger Andrée


Don’t try to chain me
with your gifts !


Jackie De Klerk


With this gift,
I imprison your thoughts,
opinions and actions.


Sheila Cotterall


It severs my ability to think,
When your words and deeds
are out of sync!


Aira Maila De Jose-Zapanta


Giving doesn’t make you kind.
Sometimes you just do it
for the sake of yourself


Debra Pry


Show me who you are,
Because words only go so far.
Be wise to the words
that cross your lips,
And make sure
it’s not sugar coated bullshit.


Linda Mansolf


A friendly gesture
 should not come
with unfriendly words


Sulekha Pande


Terms and conditions apply,
that’s the rule
for demand and supply,
if you take, you have to give,
think deep,
nothing’s free for you to just keep.

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