Wisepicks For 13 September

Wisepicks For 13 September

Jesikkah Grills 

My Inner voice longs to be heard
Instead of feeling caged 
like a song less bird
My wings are spread 
I’m ready to fly 
But nobody hears me 
no matter how hard I try  

Shubhra Barwa


Caged feelings
Desperate for freedom 
of expression


Rinku Shah 


Unsaid words…
Cry out the loudest 
like unhappy captured birds.


Aparna Vemuri


Let your inner voice 
break free.


David Mlu Benjamin


Freedom is gained 
when the caged heart 
can freely fly.  


Nerisha Kemraj 


My emotions run wild, 
trapped within me 
Like a bird in a cage, 
trying to get free 
With no way out, 
I struggle to breathe.


Kasturi Basu 


Dear Captive Soul, stop screaming..
Break Free.. 
Touch the sky, sing a song, 
Fly away Darling! 
There’s a mundane emptiness 
in my hollow rib cage..
A cage holding you
 with a memoir of past glory 
with a portrayal of harsh truth..
Fly way darling.. Break Free!


Rinku Shah


What one never says,
With you forever stays.
Like snared birds,
Are unexpressed feelings and words.
They don’t just disappear,
Their loud cries are for you to hear.
Release and let go,
Look towards a better tomorrow!


Debra Pry


Keeping everything in, 
just creates your soul to cry.
When you let it out,
This is what it sounds like 
when doves cry.  


Karthik Parthasarathy


Caged inside me, 
My innermost feelings, 
Yelling out for help, 
To be set free.
If it is liberated, 
Would it liberate my soul too? 
That’s trapped in me as well, 
For how many births, 
I do not know.  


Katie Folberth 


The panic will stop 
when the heart can sing.




Whether or not you see,
Fettered feathers 
long to be free.


Meyer Ramski


Heart black as a raven 
screaming out for 


Avaiyak Ahngasuk


Find your voice, 
and free your song within!


Karla Campos


There’s a phoenix fire in your soul
One day it will get tired of the oppression 
and break free from your human body.
It will break everything 
you were unleashing 
an unstoppable force. 
A force that fears no death. 
A force of freedom.

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