Wisepicks For 13 October

Rinku Shah


As my tears fell
I could hear him yell,
From my self created cell.
The real me
Wanted to be free,
For years I had ignored thee.


Sangeetha Anand


I cry silent tears
as the child in me 
struggles to get free


Jacquie McCann


The man who cries,
releases the pain 
locked inside


Jeri Formanek 


If only I could free 
my imprisoned mind 
of you


Rinku Shah


Tears rolled down my eyes
I could hear loud sighs.
Self imprisonment,
Was my life’s predicament.
Screaming to be free,
Only I can save Me! 


Kawaljit Singh 


Sometimes I feel like a ghost
Drifting on the edge of hope
One step in and one step back
Caught in this eternal trap


Sulekha Pande


Don’t cry my man,
don’t give up as yet,
open the doors of your mind,
and let the pain fly away.


Mary Angelica Amerkhan


A prisoner 
of my own mind.


Lyndon Echavarri


Pain is the breaking 
of the shell 
that encloses 
your understanding.


Debra Pry


Stuck between 
the walls of doubt,
And imprisoned 
by my own thoughts. 


Jeanie Elizabeth 


Reaching through the 
window of sorrow.


Bonnie Edwards


I’m a prisoner of my thoughts, 
fears and even my dreams.
I long to be free. 
Let me out!  


Charles Hillz Morton 


Captive of our 
own thoughts.

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