Wisepicks For 13 November

Kat Lowenberg

Our thoughts 
can take us anywhere.


David John Greenstreet


You can do the impossible 
if you think it hard enough!


Ifechukwu Chianumba


Your thoughts
will make a way for you


Jacquie McCann


Take the risk
to follow your dreams


Sheila Leonard 


Follow your Dreams


Rinku Shah 


And when I thought
I had reached the end
My thoughts were God sent! 


Arlene Larocque Jones


Just when you thought 
you’ve reached your potential 
Think again
Your dreams can take you 
beyond your imagination 


Mary Kirkpatrick


Into the precipice I may fall,
When forging ahead, 
giving my all.
I don’t see the clouds 
I’m walking on,
Because my guarded thoughts 
are gone.  


Gail T. Waters


Taking the leap 
of faith


Felicia Holmes


Dreaming makes it possible, 
your actions make it real.




A whiff of imagination 
in the mind, 
transcends cliff 
of any kind.


Surya Muthu


Your path never ends 
until your dreams are alive, 
so keep going!


Rena Lozier – Strauss


Losing solid foundation 
with overwhelming thoughts


Sahana Kamath


Positive thoughts 
can take you places  


Sulekha Pande 


On the clouds 
of my imagination,
I float to my 
favourite destination.

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