Wisepicks For 13 March

David Trousdale

Chain yourself
to no one.
Love without
freedom is
not love.


Nalumu Dianah Kiguli


Never be a prisoner
of your past.
Break all chains
that hinder
your growth
and development.


Ashish Verma


There is a lot
to explore,
as we haven’t
fully grown.
So,I cut the
cord of attachment
and leave us
on our own.


Mary Kirkpatrick


Before you
break away,
think and pause,
‘What is the
motivating cause?’


Ashok Pande


If you love
cut the shackles
of responsibility
and set it free.
If it returns,
it too loves you
but if not,

it never truly did.


Jolynn Natman


Set yourself free
from the chains
of another’s


Rommel D Zoleta


As much as
it hurts,
breaking the
shackles that
binds to let
another be free
and happy is
a sign of
true love.


Christine Eagle


Break the chains
that bind us
so we can be free.


Debra Pry


The chains
that hold
you today,
may be the
depth of your
wound tomorrow.


Rinku Shah


Hand in hand
is different
from being
hand cuffed
to each other.
Snap such ties.
It’s nothing but lies!


Laira Margen


Find the courage
to let go of
the person
who doesn’t
care enough
about you.


Daisy Gaillez Verwimp


Every chain
can be broken
if you are
brave enough
and have the
courage to give
yourself the
power to do so.


Neha Garcha


When love turned
into tethered
be brave enough
to break them
before they
suffocate your soul.


Anindya J Ganguly


The Chains that
lock & tie,
You & I,
needs to
be crushed,
needs to
be cracked;
for freedom
is where
true love blooms
as we live
our blissful lives.


Sulekha Pande


Set your
soul free.
You’re not born
to fulfill other’s


Flrsa Mora


Break the chains
that tie you down.


James Webb


If they don’t value
the connection,
it’s better to
cut them loose.




Don’t be attached
to something
that fetters you.


Katie Mck


Don’t be tied
to anyone if
you’re unhappy.
Cut the links.
Your happiness
can only come
from you;
not from others.


Wayne Kelley


Cutting the chains
that bind us.


Shilpika Bagh


Sometimes the ties
you ‘make’ are
the ones you
need to ‘break’


Janeen Bond


We are bound
together by choice.


Felicia Holmes


Cut the links
to relationships
that keep you
in bondage.
You deserve
to be free.


Aashu Patodia


I love you
enough to set
you free!

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