Wisepicks For 13 February

Rinku Shah


Keep the doubts at bay,
Only the scar
on the heart will stay.
Time is a healer
For a believer!


Ted Mindeck


Time will heal
a broken heart.


David Deefadog Walker


Time is the band-aid
that heals a broken heart


Sulekha Pande


Time brings its own solutions,
we learn to live with
wounds and imperfections.


Shin Lozada


Broken heart can’t be mend
 but time heals the pain.


Usha Nandini


They say time heals;
But, does it really?


Brenda Lorena Leal


Time teaches you
to love your wounds.


Kari Jade


They say time heals all wounds
but a broken heart is never really truly mended.
That pain will leave you with a scar
that without the most thoughtful care
can get ripped right back open.
Fall in love with caution my friends


Helen Quinlivan


My heart won’t heal
with a band aid
but with tender love and time,
the cracks will glue back,
even though you
can’t be mine.


Mercy Aranha


Time heals the crack
that breaks a heart.
Both need to amend it with aid.


Roohi Mohiuddin


Time heals every wound
and seals the broken heart..
though it may relieve the pain
But ! the scars remain.


Donna McCarthy


Time is just a band aid
 for a broken heart.
It never completely heals
when a loved one departs.


Lisa Blewitt Tusing


Time may bandage the wound
 but the scars remain.


Em Dee


Time heals all wounds


Himani Arya


Wounds of heart
takes a lot of time to heal.


Faith Dunsmuir


Nothing can heal a broken heart,
 except maybe time


Nalumu Dianah Kiguli


Time Heals All Wounds

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