Wisepicks For 13 December



Emotional strings
tie us more
than we know.


Irit Rena Reichstein-Beggins
Tied to the good side
and tied to the bad,
One is his love
 and one is his lust,
Twisted in lies,
 in darkness he laid
betraying her love
 and betraying her trust


Blair Robinson


We’re all tied
 to walk in the
 same direction as others.
It’s only when we
break our own laces,
that we start walking
in a new direction
from others.


Donna McCarthy


No one strays
from the ties that bind.


Rinku Shah


Accept the sameness
and embrace the differences,
Every relationship
gives varied experiences.
Bonds should not
become binding,
Amongst the givers,
there are takers hiding!


Frankie Crabtree England


Though we must
each walk our journey alone,
Never forget,
 we are all connected.


Doris Bell Graves


“The ties that bind.”
Causing you to
 fall on your face
Entangled lace.


Dee Kniceley Schartiger


We are all connected
 in this life regardless
of our circumstances
or the shoes we wear.


Sabiha Nikhat


The walk of life is
never a lone journey,
You need people,
 love and bonds
to reach to your destiny.


Felicia Holmes


Too tied up 
for either relationship 
to go anywhere.  




Don’t get tangled 
in retaining relationships. 
You will slowly start 
to feel strangled


Eva Andrade


The choices we make 
leads us into different directions.


Happy Honey


Too many strings 
can make you still.
Choose the right one 
and chill  


Amanda Morrison


The ties that bind 
will keep us together.


DJimmy T’Chiron


Save your attachment 
to just one right person, 
because when you get attached 
to many or wrong people 
you will just fall on the ground, 
not in love  


Sulekha Pande


Sailing on two boats,
will loosen your sails,
take you nowhere,
no matter what it takes.

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