Wisepicks For 12 September

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Wisepicks For 12 September (3)

Wisepicks for Caption This image Published on 10 September.

Wisepicks For 12 September

Felicia Holmes


Until humanity understands
that ownership is a lie,
Everything that is seen
is just something to buy.


貴重な 孝女


You are worthy to be valued
not to be priced.


Manvi Jain


Stripped chastity,
Auctioned dignity,
A girl
A ‘victim’ IRL?
Her body parts are toys
For odious men and boys
Don’t rip her modesty
Don’t rape her,
for the sake of clarity!


Sulekha Pande


People are barcoded today,
they have a price,
but no value.


Sulekha Pande


Don’t let the child be sold,
please put your desires on hold,
let her grow up and bloom,
don’t put a price on her,
and sentence her,
to a lifetime of gloom


Rinku Shah


With Materialism on the rise,
Everything seems
to have a price.
Have a heart.
Children don’t belong
in a mart!




She is a woman,
a living being in flesh and bone.
Don’t see her as an object.


Jigs Ige Atienza


Don’t allow yourself
to be labeled.


Anindya J Ganguly


Tagged with a Barcode
Objectified & Sold
A Life lives in her Graveyard
Of a Red Black Hole.

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