Wisepicks For 12 November

Happy Honey


You can’t step forward
with the heavy baggage
of your past.


Lynn Santos


It’s hard to keep going
when you keep
holding onto your past!


Cathleen Neese


Don’t carry
the baggage of your past
into your future.


Richa Lal


The baggage of past
always slows us down




Strength is not always
about your ability to carry.
Sometimes it’s about
your ability to let go.




When you consistently carry
the weight of your past,
you inevitably let
your future down.


Armando Dasigo Baria


The Heavy burden of the past
keeps you standstill like a rock!


Gemma Rutter


You can’t move forward
whilst carrying the
weight of your past.
Let go of your baggage
and take the first step
to happiness


Chinhita Bose


Unload the burden
of your past


Rinku Shah


The past is a heavy burden,
And all of a sudden.
There comes a time,
No bells will chime
You will just know,
Better to let go!


Ceona Chambers


If you carry around your past,
you’ll never last,
your knees will buckle,
your back will break,
your future you will forsake


Mary Kirkpatrick


Your journey is brighter,
When burden is lighter.
Separate your wheat from chaff,
Turning misery into a laugh.


M Jeyaram


The bundle of your past
will dwindle your future!


Arlene Larocque Jones


Lighten the load
It’s a long road


Shannon Curtis


Holding on to the past
will burden your present
and haunt you future.


Sulekha Pande


The heavy burden on my shoulders,
bogs me down like stony boulders,
i carry my past in my heart,
the memories, regrets and guilt
keep pinching me like darts.

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