Wisepicks For 12 March

Sherry Greene


I am stronger
than the toxic
words you spew.
I can certainly
repel the negativity
from you.


Jackie De Klerk


You have the
strength within
to shatter negative
comments and
opinions about you.


Anjana Surendran


Let no words
shatter down
the growth and
be armed enough
to break the limits.


April Yeager


Save your demeaning
words and speeches!
I’ll high kick
your negativity
to pieces.


James Webb


Sometimes you have
to kick aside
all the negative
things that
come out of
people’s mouths.


Mercy Aranha


No martial art
is as strong as
a word of
conviction put to
break the irrelevant.


Elaine Silverman


I’m rubber
you’re glue.
Whatever you say
bounces off me
and sticks to you.


Donna McCarthy


Kick the negative
talk and walk away.


Carol Strutt


Shattering the
power of
hurtful words.


Shilpika Bagh


‘Shatter’ those
chatters and
‘defy’ all
that matters.


Asmiya S


Be outrageous
at the bragging
blow which
aims to making
you feel low.


Sudipta Singh


Be strong enough
to kick off
the negative.


Anindya J Ganguly


The Free Spirit,
flowing within me.
Helps me to
break all the
She says
“For I am I.
For I am Me.
Crushing away
all the
faux femininity.”


Sherilyn Campbell


Be prepared to
block hateful
words from
people who
try to bring
you down.


Jackie De Klerk


Gossip will grow,
unless we fight
it with our entity.

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