Wisepicks For 12 February

Marilyn Helen Deveau


will never get you anywhere.


Jackie De Klerk


Being too close in a relationship
will cripple you.


Mary Kirkpatrick


U-nited we stand,
Divided we fall.


Shilpika Bagh


Togetherness makes us complete;
until we give in beyond our needs.


Kamlesh Bhasin


Thinking alike performing alike
Both united alike in soul & mind.


Deborah Poff


When we don’t have a leg to stand on,
it’s nice to know my partner is there
to provide a balance


Rinku Shah


My heart sang
We are truly Yin and Yang.
Completing each other,
By supporting one another!


Felicia Holmes


We will stand
or fall together.


Leonard D. Saladino


Stronger as one.


Sulekha Pande


We complete
each other.

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