Wisepicks For 11 October

Wisepicks For 11 October

Asmiya S 


Don’t let the addiction 
close your vision.


Vibhavari Bhushan


Enlighten your mind, 
To brighten your life. 
Ignite desires, follow the heart. 
Stay safe from health hazards.. 


Karl Edwards


Opening the door
to the vision 
that can be seen 
with your eyes closed.  




The drug sends dopamine for a short time. 
When the cigarette runs out, 
no doubt that the serotonin will knock you out. 
So open your inner eye of the soul.
It will fill your hole and make you whole.  


Rinku Shah


Don’t go for a temporary high,
Instead unlock the mind’s eye
It always feels right,
Takes you towards the light!  


Vibhavari Bhushan


Open your mind
To empower the vision. 
Ignite the soul
To follow your passion. 
Kindle the fire within, 
To fight your demons and win..  


Mary Angelica Amerkhan


Unlock you mind 
to another dimension. 


Rinku Shah


An unlocked mind,
Will help you leave behind
Many a vice,
That made you pay 
a heavy price! 


Robin McNellis


Close your eyes 
and open your mind.

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