Wisepicks For 11 March

Дэвид Шальк Портер


Do not overthink;
for you will drown
in your own thoughts.


Karl Edwards


Your thoughts
become your reality.
You can choose
to swim in the
pristine waters
or drown in the
infinite darkness
of dirty water.


Donna McCarthy


As I sit here
My thoughts
leave me with
a sinking feeling.


Brandon Heylen


Sinking in a pool
of my own despair.


Aftab Hussain


Lost in the puddle
of thoughts and
don’t know where
I belong in this
confusing world.


Felicia Holmes


When your mind
is a shallow pool,
there is
nowhere to go.




All alone in a
melancholic drown.


Kellye Madden Knapp


Don’t let negative
thoughts pull you
down into the abyss.


Helen Quinlivan


Sinking deep into
depths of your thoughts,
will only tie you
up in fraught knots.


Tara Johnston


Negative thinking
is like a sinking hole.
It will suffocate
you if you keep
feeding it.


Kat Lowenberg


As we swim with
our thoughts – melding
our desires with the pain,
we quickly come
to realize there
is nothing left to gain.


Shweta Aarya


Thoughts are
like ocean.
It depends on
us whether we
want to drown
or swim & get
out of them.


Monika Ajay Kaul


Thoughts in the
mind are like a
shudders in the sea.
We will either
sail or we
may sink.


Geeta P


Drowning in the
pool of our
own thoughts.


Peter van Aubel


A lake of your
own tears;
you can either
drown or use
it to wash your
slate clean to
start anew.
Your choice.


Patricia Mathieu


You can find
strength & rise
above these
thoughts that’ll
drown you in
those moments

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