Wisepicks For 11 January

Debra Pry


Most creative people, 
have colorful Minds. 


Chinhita Bose


A radiant mind 
always reflects the colours 
of diverse knowledge


Andrea Morgan


May the light in your soul 
spread beauty 
everywhere you go


Rinku Shah


Be like a prism,
Spread the light 
you hold within!


Donna Bayer 


Interpretation illuminates 
the written word


Bambi Na


As I keep reading
My mind is radiating
Making my world
Colorfully illuminating 


Aniket Ghatnekar


A heart illuminated 
by the sunlight of knowledge 
produces a spectrum 
of great achievements 


Aryan Ks


Let the knowledge of light 
imbibe within you 
to unlock the wide spectrum 
of soulistic side. 


Felicia Holmes 


The way you live, 
is how you filter 
and add color to life.


Mary Kirkpatrick


When we open to the glow
Oft we channel a rainbow.
Seven colours of each chakra,
Guiding us beyond the astral.


Mai Quesada


Knowledge radiates 
a prism of beauty 
in ones personality!


Amy Jenkins


The beauty of the heart 
embraces the whole spectrum, 
casting the energy back 
into the universe


Mariel Bungalso 


A simple book it may appear,
but it can change your perspective,
from a devoid and dull cover,
yet the contents are clear 
that will make you savor,
the knowledge that you’ll 
treasure forever.


Anjana Surendran


The future is in 
the wise minds of today.


Sulekha Pande


When the light of knowledge 
enters your soul,
it turns into a prism 
of a rainbow.

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