Wisepicks For 11 February

Linda Mansolf


We emerge from
 the shadows of our past
with the wisdom to begin again


Maryanne Higgins


All I have learned
from the past
will surely shadow over me
into the future.


Anjana Surendran


The only person behind
what you were
The only person
because of what you are
The only person ahead of what
you want to be
Is you
rest is the magic of prayers!


Bindu Surendran


It was that thumbs up
 invisible to others.
Which made her move ahead


Debra Pry


I’ve got my own back,


Leta Marie DeMello


When you learn to appreciate
the darknesses of your past;
you can begin to live
in the colorful light
of your newborn wisdom.


Nancy Shurkoff


Self encouragement is sometimes
 the best encouragement.


Dannielle Roberts


I am stepping forward in my life
no longer stuck in my shadow


Ivana Flores


Be at peace
with your darkest self.


Felicia Holmes


Belief in yourself
is what you need,
then you have everything
to succeed


Rinku Shah


From being defiant.
I’m now self-reliant.
The support I searched outside,
Was always on the inside!


Shilpika Bagh


I am ready for the present
cause I’ve made peace
with my past.


Sheila Cotterall


We appreciate each other,
the dark and light of me!
We trust the roles that each we play,
on the road ahead of me.


Sulekha Pande


Come out of the
shadows of your past,
leave the pain there,
go ahead with the lessons learnt.

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