Wisepicks For 11 December

Jennifer L Hart

The eyes speak
the words the mouth cannot.


Happy Honey


Behind a beautiful smile,
There can be 
a deepest pain hidden.


Rocco DiMascio 


I put on a smile 
to put on a show,
 but tears started
flowing so maybe 
they’ll know, that the
 river of tears
 that now run 
from my eyes 
have always been 
hidden behind a disguise.


Hina Jain


Tears on her eyes,
Pain on her face,
She kept fighting with herself,
With plastered smile
 hidding behind the trace.


Anjana Surendran


Tears are my poetry 
where each drop 
carves the pangs 
of my wounds




No matter how much
 I scream,My voice is 
mute to the world.
No matter how 
pitiful it all seems,
The truth never
 becomes unfolded…


Debra Pry


Behind the smile is hurt.
Behind the hurt is pain.
Behind the pain,
Is tears.
Behind the tears 
is a broken woman,
Who never gave up..
And decided to smile again.


Sabiha Nikhat 


Hopeless and helpless 
she felt, neither her silence
 nor her tears were dealt.


Felicia Holmes


Remaining silent 
is not peace,
when the pain 
in your heart 
will never cease


Mary Kirkpatrick


Silenced in both
 word and deed,
My eyes send
 out their silent plea.


Jackie De Klerk


Under this taped up disguise,
with tears streaming from eyes,
I am crying for assistance, 
to enclose the distance.


Ssareeta Singh


The metastasis of loneliness,
Chokes out the waning breath,
From the failing lungs of hope,
Do you think I can cope?


Rinku Shah


I was gagged…
Pretended and laughed.
But when the eyes leak,
Tears speak!


Laura Smith


Even when you are broken, 
and have hit rock bottom,
 you gotta put on that smile,
 and walk another mile!


Anand Singh Josh


Silence also tells !!
When innocent eye yells .
Whatever you trying to hide ,
Will keep you 
dying deep inside .
Don’t feel depressed,
You are not weak,
Let the self-belief 
Guide you in 
whatever you seek…


Shilpika Bagh


Looked up to those 
have silenced my soul; 
awakened my insight
 that blind trust 
comes with a price.


Vyvienne Chamberlain


Plastered on smile, 
tears are for real 
She ‘ll say she is fine,
It’s not a big deal. 
Nothing will change 
‘til she speaks how she feels.


Sean Hughes


Sometimes crying
 is the only way your eyes speak 
when your mouth can’t explain 
how broken your heart is

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