Wisepicks For 10 October

 October 13, 2018

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Wisepicks For 10 October



Don’t be deceived 
by the smileys you receive.


Anindya J Ganguly 


Many men, archetypal, Insane
Wrapping Masks & Monsoon Rain
Stalks the lady in Green & Gray 
In a World of Web, where Truth & Fake
Sleeps coitally in ruckus resonance.  


Rinku Shah


In the confines of your room,
Surrounded by gloom.
It’s easy to fall prey 
to people with a fake identity,
Get in the real world 
to know people authentically  


Sherry Greene


Social media is fun, 
but beware of the person 
hiding behind a mask.


Anubha Sharma


Hooked on to the facade 
of social space, 
miles away from the reality 
it fails to trace.


Asmiya S 


Don’t let the technological emotions 
rule your notions.


Kathy Hamilton Lerich


Her bedroom was crowded that night, 
filled with nameless, faceless men, 
all wanting a part of her, 
although uninterested in her true inner self. 
She slammed her laptop 
shut to be alone again 
and reclaim quiet and solitude


Lesley Yewman
Ghosts of loneliness

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