Wisepicks For 10 November



From dust, 
we come and cry.
To dust, we live 
and die.


Anubha Sharma


Losing myself to time


Ceona Chambers


Time is a killer


M Jeyaram


Everyone has a time frame
Know your deadline,
Make yourself a headline;
Show the world your timeline
And you relish your own lifeline.


Ashok Pande


Time waits for no one,
And slowly but surely passes by,
So get your act together,
Shatter this glass cage 
of false security,
And stand free, 
with your feet firmly on the ground. 


Arlene Larocque Jones


Every second of your life 
is like a grain of sand. 
Don’t just lay on the beach
build a sand castle.  


Sherry Greene


It’s such a surprise
We grow older 
Our bodies begin to break down 
We knew they would 
Still, deep in a state of shock 
And sometimes denial
We see our timeline
It’s slipping away.




Time returns us to dust.
Don’t lament and torment yourself.
Seize the day, seize the moment 
while you still have it.


Jackie De Klerk


Do not be scared and fight,
little by little we die each day.
Get that image out of sight,
before you stress your life away. 


Sherry Greene


Don’t be surprised 
when you find yourself 
running out of time.


Debra Pry


Like Sands 
through an hourglass,
Time is slipping away.


Tanu Malhotra 


Act before you realise
that you and your life got wasted, 
with time.


Rinku Shah


From dust unto dust,
the end is a must.
Time will tell,
live your life well
Carpe diem! 


Faith Dunsmuir 


With the sands of time 
life passes by and one day 
finally runs out.


Kawaljit Singh


I asked to the time
what is the solution?
He said
Let me pass

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