Wisepicks For 10 January

Shilpika Bagh


A voyage 
of literary exploration 
ignites imagination.

Arlene Larocque Jones


Books are 
what fuels 
the imagination


Sheila Cotterall 


Release the pent-up steam,
As you head to the land of dream,
May the words in a book 
help steer your way,
To your faraway place 
after a busy day. 


Carol Paton-Maurice 


I dreamt I was a writer 
and my thoughts propelled me 
Or was it a dream? 


Rommel D Zoleta


With books you can 
accelerate your journey 
towards your dreams.


Rinku Shah


Fuelled by imagination
Set afloat to an unknown destination,
Is only possible with a book,
No looking back once you take a look!


Robin Cecilia


Knowledge is fuel 
for life’s journeys.


Anjana Surendran


Carving pages of life 
with experience and exploration 
my journey was beyond limits 


Felicia Holmes 


may be the foundation,
but your dreams 
are the fuel.


Happy Honey


Exploring the oceans 
of knowledge
With books as my ships.


Helen Quinlivan


Allow your dreams to set sail, 
as you float away on pages 
of a good book


Debbie Laney


Open a book 
and fuel your dreams


Renee Martinet Zalesny


Full steam ahead 
The book of life sends you 
to new horizons


Amy Girt 


All thoughts 
give us power!


Sulekha Pande 


I travelled the world,
on the magic carpet of my book,
they took me higher and higher,
to every country, every corner, 
every nook.

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