Wisepicks For 10 February

Mary Kirkpatrick


It’s time to cut
those tangled strings,
manipulated by
another’s whims.


Louise Wells


Be the maker
 of your own life
don’t be anyone’s puppet


Felicia Holmes


Beware of which connections
 you sever,
you may be cutting yourself
off from your maker.


Nancy Shurkoff


Master of me, I shall be!
A puppet no more,
I’m out the door.
I’ll cut the strings that bind me,
and speak my mind quite freely.


Mary Kirkpatrick


Like a marionette,
 tied by strings,
Tethered to such
pointless things,
I will become
free and walk away,
From this discouraging
puppet play.


Kim D. Hazen


Cutting the ties
that bind me.


Oksana Majaski


Cutting away the ties
 that bind me




When your strings are
for others to use,
your individuality
 and dignity you will lose.


Wanda Thomson


Never become the puppet
in someone else’s life.


Donna McCarthy


Cut the strings
that bind our souls
and set yourself free
and let things flow.


Samuel Jones


In time I learned to think for myself,
by not being a puppet of someone else.
So, I sought my escape
of hindering things,
like being attached to puppet strings.


Jeri Formanek


I refuse
to let you string me
along any longer.


Rinku Shah


And one day
I just cut my strings,
Enough of being used
and treated like things.


Melissa Ransom


I’m finally going to be free
of all the manipulation


Justin Maxson


Free yourself
from your own confines.


Faith Dunsmuir


By cutting the ties that bind
I am setting myself free


Roxanne Hurripersadh


The strings that
keeps you attached
holds you back.
You need to let go

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