Wisepicks For 10 December

Mary Kirkpatrick


Take off your blinders
 so you can try,
To look at the world 
straight in the eye.


Jackie De Klerk


Some individuals fool you
 by letting you believe
 only what they say,
 the reality is that you 
should experience life
 in your own way.


Sulekha Pande


All it takes is 
to remove the hand
that clouds your vision, 
open your eyes
 to your own perception…


Anjana Surendran


Unveil the arms
 of prejudices
Unclothe the thumbs
 of conception
For better vision
 is yet to seek
For better world 
is yet to explore


Rinku Shah


You are reminded,
To not be blinded.
Time to realize…
There is more than 
what meets the eye!


Anand Singh Josh


Negativity tries to 
close your eyes
And blurs your vision,
Changes wrong into right 
& then what’s 
visible with eyes is 
mere reflection ,
Truth is in fact the 
Conscious observation ..


Sherry Greene


When influenced 
by the masses, 
We become 
such blinded asses.


Rinku Shah


Vision that is shrouded,
Will lead to decisions
 that are clouded.
Stay grounded…
The Right path
 is never crowded!


Aleczandra Topacio


My eyes are sealed 
when thy opens
 the mouth that spills
 hurtful words with 
deeper meanings than it seams


Laura Smith


Don’t let others 
obscure your vision,
 using your 3rd eye is best decision


Marianne A. Songcuan


we keep our eyes shut
though we know 
what is right 
because we are afraid
 to share our thoughts 
so we are
 blinded by the truth


Dee Es


 Let my inner light destroy every illusion and lie
So that I can yeild to this world
without a judgemental eye….


Mai Quesada


Sincerity in ‘likes’ 
can be very subjective. .
could just be a routinary 
social media practice!
Do not be deceived
 by its truest intention
and or implications!
Do not be blinded
 by its false gratification!
Nevertheless,it’s best to 
see it in a more positive view!


Sulekha Pande


Open your eyes,
see the world for yourself,
having blind faith in people,
stunts your growth as an individual


Sabiha Nikhat 


Reality often remains unseen,
 Subconsciously blinding oneself
 from all except the clean.


Felicia Holmes


Sometimes the arms 
you allow to comfort you,
prevent you from 
seeing the truth. 


Rocco DiMascio


We see *not* with our eyes, 
but *instead* with our mind, 
and to that which we refuse to believe, 
we are completely blind.


Arlene Larocque Jones


You can’t see the brighter side of life 
if you keep yourself in the dark 




Don’t be blinded by the 
prejudice of the mind.


Aanchal Kansal


Eyes are useless 
when the mind is blind .

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