Wisepicks For 1 September

Wisepicks For 1 September10

Wisepicks for Caption This image Published on 1 September.

Anna Maestas


Don’t sit in your own self doubt, 
just go out and sprout. 
It happens for a reason 
but it doesn’t have to be 
more than a season.




Let the cloud wash away the stress,
Let the drops of rain clean the mess.
Let the heart feel.
Let the wounds heal.
Take it slow,
And find your inner glow.  


Mai Quesada


Overthinking creates 
clouds of worries.
which keep you stagnant
prevent you from moving on!
Change your mindset 


Ange Le


You create your own cloud of worry 
by thinking too much 
and doing nothing.


Rinku Shah


Drenching in my own cloud of anxiety,
Weighed down with negativity
Time to create my own sunshine,
And end this whimper and whine!


Aderinboye Micheal Olawale 


Clouded in depression
Just like tear drops 
falling from the sky
I’m drowning in my own tears 
Thoughts of wrongs and rights 
looms in my head; 
covered in darkness 
of my problems.
Forgetting after the rain comes 
the sunshine!  


Shubha Vasan


When clouds of desolation gloom,
the thoughts go haywire.
Don’t let the painful memories 
be exhumed.
Just be strong , tackle the
gloom and make some room 
for the sun to shine.  


Sayeeda Pearl


Feelings of fleeting moments 
belongs to that moment only,
and remember not to be 
overwhelmed by it


Sulekha Pande


Engulfed in a cloud 
of my own worries.


Kajal Saxena 


Don’t create your own storms 
and then be unhappy about it!

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