Wisepicks For 1 November

Sally Jo 


Together we stand, 
entwined in hand.

Felicia Holmes


Our time together 
has left a lasting imprint 
on our souls.


Debra Pry


As lovers come 
and lovers go,
The love we have, 
is the love we hold.
If Death Shall come 
before we part,
Love will leave an imprint 
within the heart. 


Rinku Shah


Destined to be together.
Written in the lines of our palms,
Love binds us, 
let’s drop the qualms! 


Sally Jo 


United in power
Together they stood. 
Hand in hand, 
powerful and good.  


Paula Teixeira 


An open hand 
is the gate to happiness.


Rinku Shah


Fate had it planned,
Hand in hand.
Meant to be together
Let’s look no further! 


Chinhita Bose


The two broken ‘Me’ 
set off on sweet 
and sour journey 
to become ‘We’


Ankita Devadiga


The strength is in togetherness.


Juana Abiera


Hand in Hand, 
we stand


Chinhita Bose 


The two broken “Me” 
trying to be “WE”


Karl Edwards


The way in which 
we touch someone’s life 
can leave a lasting imprint. 
Choose wisely.

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