Wisepicks For 1 February

Faith Dunsmuir


Blinded by love 
we follow our hearts


Nisha Patel


Blinded by sight
 but connected forever 
by heart 


Donna McCarthy


Love binds us 
to the circle of life.


Phoe Be Halliwell 


The eyes cannot see, 
what the heart desires.


Rinku Shah


What you want, wants you
Stop running in circles 
and think of something new.
Blessed are those few,
When love finds you!


Debra Pry


Follow your heart,
When the mind is blind.


Rinku Shah


The heart and it’s ties
Can be felt 
with closed eyes.


Marjie Yule Davitt 


Don’t need to look far 
to see where my heart is..
Loving you sends me in a ‘tis..


Mary Kirkpatrick


Infatuation leaves us blinded,
Swirling in circles, Hearts unguided.
Unaware of the dark 
and light in each other,
True love is often difficult to discover. 


Tina Bell


Following your heart blindly 
leaves you running in circles.


Shilpika Bagh


Love is blind; 
for heart and soul it binds; 
no matter where one goes; 
with faith love grows.


Janilyn Briones


Love is a force 
that’s always pulling us back together 
wherever we may go. 
It will always keep us running back 
to each other no matter what.


Avril Le Brooke


Love is a force that keeps us 
connected together. 
No matter what the difference
 we always runs for its purpose.

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