Wise Pick For 9 May

Susan Fair Arakelian 

There are many keys to lock
and unlock the way
you look at life.
Make sure to use a key
that opens your eyes not the
one that closes them.

Shilpika Bagh 

Let no one hold
that ‘key’;
of the way you
wish to ‘see’.

Louise Redmon 

The right key is
imperative for locking
out perfidy and unlocking
the true visual
perception of life–
Authentic Realism.

Ashish Verma 

Choose your
key of life
and let the
show begin.

Debra Pry 

Open your eyes
to the things
that you
don’t want to see.

Dillon Gross 

Only you hold
the right key to
the many doors
of the minds domain.
So if you want
your light to shine;
go ahead, ‘open mind’.

Sherilyn Campbell 

The eyes are
windows to the soul.
The trick is finding
the correct key
that allows you
to see your life
with truth and clarity.

Jessica Young-Lazo 

In oneself lies the
whole world and
if you know
how to look and learn,
the door is there and
the key is in your hand.
Nobody on earth can give
you either the key
or the door to open,
except yourself.

Asmiya S 

Unlock your vision
to see the fusion
of dark and light,
to sharp your wit
to see your
life’s beautiful sight.


Perception of things
is as important as
seeing things.
To truly see,
you must have the
right key of perception.

Donna McCarthy 

Open your blindness
with the key
and see the truth
and it will set you free.

Brittany DuVall 

Eyes are the windows
to the soul,
Make sure you
have the correct keys.

Beena Baburajan

You hold the key
to your own

Kamlesh Bhasin 

Only the right key
can open
the shutters of those eyes,
for you
to see clearly
& lead you
towards the
truth to judge fairly.


Every key
has the power
to open a
new perspective.


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