Wise Pick For 9 April

 April 12, 2019

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Michelle McClure 

When fathers leave,
a small part
of the mother
leaves with them.

Jemise Ortiz 

Separation of a family
puts the child
in the middle of the angst;
while the mother loses her mind
and the Father slips away.

Felicia Holmes 

Daddy’s absence
left a gaping hole;
In our family,
and Mom’s soul.

Cecilia Ignacio 

Love and appreciate
your parents
while they are alive.

Shilpika Bagh 

Don’t be a ‘virtual’ face;
in your child’s space.

Tina Bell 

When a child loses
where he came from,
he loses himself.

Aarion Moorehead 

Year after they fade away,
forever surrounded
by the haze of their love,
I flourish.

Darryl Tombleson 

Don’t take your parents
for granted,
as life is fleeting!

Jenn Marie 

If you give everything
to your children and family,
your own sense of who you are
will begin to disappear

Dandillion Jeff 

We must understand
that while we’re growing up
our parents are growing old.

Kaitlyn Eliason 

When his father blew away,
his mother faded away with him
and he was left alone.

Mai Quesada 

A child’s foundation
for normal growth
flourishes when
both parents are present.
He becomes the victim
when one is absent
and the the remaining is unstable,
the after effect of separation.


Cherish while
they are still with you.
Savor the moments
while you still get to hold them.
To them,
you are the one true gem.

Wanda Thomson 

To be
the best parent possible
you must be present,
and psychologically.

Aira Maila Zapanta 

Little ones doesn’t care
about the facts or the changes.
What they only know
is losing what they have
right now will be
the most scary thing ever.

Harsh Srivastava

In the end,
no one will be there for you;
not even your parents,
so be strong.


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