Wise Pick For 8 April

Uma Pramanik 

Shed the skin of past
that has given you pain.
Let your new self
breath the fresh start.

Äñîtå Sãhóø

Shedding the old me
along the way,
After all those phases
of struggle & pain,
It’s about time
I embrace a new change,
for it is the rebirth
of a stronger woman.

Jordan Chrome 

I was exhausted.
I thought you defeated me.
I fell down. I bruised. I cried.
But I slowly started to rise.
I picked myself up.
I tended to my wounds.
And I learned to laugh.
Like a Phoenix I rise from the
ashes to become
what I am truly capable of.
All On My Own.

Dr-Payal Basera 

It’s ok to die a little inside
to rise again
for I am a woman
who choose to rebuild
herself instead of
burning to ashes.

Jackie De Klerk

In all honesty,
we are like snakes
shedding skin.
With each fall and rise,
we shed the old
and become a new
and stronger version
of ourselves.

Dianne Gonzales 

I fought hard to keep
myself from falling apart.
Tugging here,
pulling there.
Clutching tight to pieces
I no longer recognized.
I had only but to let go to breathe.
To surface once again.

Debra Pry 

Don’t Lose Yourself,
Trying to please
everyone else.
If you’re not making
yourself happy,
You can’t make
anyone else happy.

Jackie McBilello 

Shed your old skin,
lose what no longer serves you;
learn to adapt to the changes
ushering in a
better version of yourself!

Jessica Young-Lazo 

Leave your limiting-self
just like a snake
shedding its skin
so that you can go
beyond your own frontiers.

Marie Rueda 

Transformation of the body,
mind and soul.

Durim Gashi 

This world didn’t kill me,
it just released me
from my weakness.

Shilpika Bagh 

‘Evolving’ self is a daily grind;
‘slough’ off
that negates the mind.

Dannielle Roberts 

Like a Phoenix
I too shall rise
from the depths
of five destruction

Debbie Laney 

I strip myself of everything
that no longer served me
& rise again better
& stronger than ever.

Josa Eco Cruz

She was crushed,
she was tired
she gave up countless times.
but she glanced up,
lift everything up and she has risen.

Aira Maila Zapanta 

We can always recreate
ourselves into something new.
Possibilities are endless.

Denise Helou 

Evolving and getting rid of
what we were taught.
Becoming our true self

Shannon Smith 

There is a Phoenix
within us all
waiting to rise up
from the ashes of
who we were.

Felicia Holmes 

As you grow,
you must relinquish
the parts of yourself
you no longer embody.

Beena Baburajan 

Shed your skin
and expose your wounds.
Look within and transform
into your authentic self.


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