Wise Pick For 7 February


Wise Pick For 7 February

Wise picks for ‘Caption This’ image Published on 7 February. Click to read more selected captions submitted by our readers.

Wise Pick For 7 FebruarySheena Gupta
Nothing binds you
more than your own inhibitions.

Wise Pick For 7 FebruaryWayne Kelley

Don’t let your thoughts
tie you in knots.

Wise Pick For 7 FebruaryDebra Pry

Overthinking only holds you hostage
and steals your joy.

Wise Pick For 7 FebruaryMadhavi Chintakunta

Oh Brain, thou will not bind me,
my intention and will are stronger
than your strings.

Wise Pick For 7 FebruaryShubha Bhandarkar

Release the thoughts
that make you bound,
Allow your mind
to explore the joy beyond!

Wise Pick For 7 FebruaryTeresa Butchart

Held captive
by ones own thoughts.

Wise Pick For 7 FebruaryRain Rain

Do not be bound and limited
by your own mindset.
Move forward and set yourself free.

Wise Pick For 7 FebruaryDeborah Volpe

The things that bind our minds…
also bind our bodies and souls

Wise Pick For 7 FebruaryArleen Wilson

Held Captive
by your own thoughts

Wise Pick For 7 FebruaryShilpika Bagh

“Tangled” thoughts in life;
“seize” mind and body in time.

Wise Pick For 7 FebruaryFaith Dunsmuir

Bound by my
own thoughts.

Wise Pick For 7 FebruaryPooja Gupta

Entangled in
our own thoughts.

Wise Pick For 7 FebruaryRinku Shah

Thoughts can be restraining.
Stop overthinking!

Wise Pick For 7 FebruaryWicked Bad Girl

The ties that bind
come from your own mind.

Wise Pick For 7 FebruaryJean Elliott

Bonded by my mind

Wise Pick For 7 Februaryangel

Man is limited n bound
only in his mind.

Wise Pick For 7 FebruaryRosalie Hanse

Disabled by our
own string of thoughts.

Wise Pick For 7 Februarynext.level.coach

Does my mind understand
it is paralyzing my mind.


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