Wise Pick For 6 April


Lovelyn Oncio 

You yourself alone
can complete you.
No one else.

April Camille Berden 

We tend to look
for someone who we think
may complete us;
not knowing
that all this time
we only need ourselves
to make us whole.

Elena Mazza 

Only I can
put the pieces of me
back together again.

Alissa Spina 

There are so many
pieces to a woman.
At times,
she may lose herself,
but eventually she will find
all of her lost pieces,
and with her head held high,
she will find each one and put her
perfectly-imperfect self
together again.

Annette Boyle

You are the key piece
to solving puzzle.

Nicole Dunham Dickerson 

We spend most our lives
attempting to make
the pieces of ourselves fit together.
Because life has a way of showing us
how easily, we can come apart.

Karen Ambrose Hostutler 

I am in charge
of the puzzle of my life.
I hold the last piece of me.

Susan Fair Arakelian 

Putting your life together
takes time
to figure out details.
A few turns and adjustments
and things start
to just fall into place.

Sherilyn Campbell 

When you find
the missing puzzle piece
you will be whole.

Donna McCarthy 

Not all the pieces
have to fit perfectly,
we are complete
just the way we are.

Debra Pry 

I searched high and low,
looking for the missing link
and I realized,
it’s always been there.

Kellye Madden Knapp

You have to
get rid of the pieces
of you that don’t fit
and never give up
until you find the last one.

Tina Bell 

Whether tearing me apart
or making me whole;
I’m in charge of
how I respond.

Tams Filipinas 

Don’t force it
if it doesn’t fit.

Ellen Berg

The last piece
is the hardest.
Some days we feel
all put together and other days
that one piece is just missing.

Joe Cord Ero 

If the piece doesn’t fit,
you must acquit.

Maria Celeste Lapid Roxas 

Every piece
to complete oneself is unique.
Be patient to find
for that perfect piece.

Helene Leanos 

Self examination
is the key to awareness.

Romar Montemar 

Life is not about
finding pieces of a puzzle.
Its about creating
and putting those exceptional
pieces together.

Edwin Rodriguez 

No one can complete you
but yourself.

Jemise Ortiz 

Love yourself piece by piece.
Sometimes breaking down
and putting yourself
back together
is the soul’s freedom .


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