Wise Pick For 4 May

Charlene Teloka 

A disconnected
heart leads
to a chaotic mind.

Happy Honey 

Align those
tangled thoughts
by connecting to hearts.

Gigi Bocci Galluzzo 

the two and allow
your intuition to guide
you through.

Jill Chua 

The brain and heart
are just 12 inch apart,
yet sometimes one
simply can’t connect.

Shana Pascoe 

Her thoughts
powered her heart,
but the
tangled mess
had to unplug
to clear her mind.

Beena Baburajan 

Your brain
is wired well.
You need to know
when to connect,
and when to disconnect ,
moderating between
the head and heart.
For creating that
perfect circuit.

Rinku Shah 

The answers
lie within, watch them
unfold as you plug in.
A connected mind
and heart is a
rare piece of art.

Jessica Young-Lazo

your heart needs
to be connected
to accept what the
mind already knows.

Sherilyn Campbell 

If you allow
your brain to connect
to your heart drive,
decisions will be
much less difficult
to make and
headaches will end.

Tiffany S. Orama 

the mind needs to
disconnect from
the heart until you
can unscramble the mess
it created in your head.

Debbie Gurriere 

There’s nothing
as electrifying as
plugging into
your feelings to
unscramble your brain.

Shilpika Bagh 

your mind first;
to ‘connect’
to your heart.

Soniya Jain 

Both the
mind and the heart
are at war with
one another.
No one of them wants
to compromise or
give approval to the other.

Felicia Holmes 

Only when
she allows herself
to feel, will her mind
begin to heal.

Ashish Verma 

Plug your
mind to the heart
so you won’t
miss out on the
vital decisions of life.

Linda Mansolf 

The mind and heart
are the true connection
to your soul.

Kamlesh Bhasin 

Only weaving
the web of plans
in your brain cannot work.
Unless it’s also
connected to plug
with your heart,
to act & complete
the intended job.

Maria Ferns 

When she is
headstrong of her
decision she unplugs
mind from her heart
to maintain the equation.

Deepika Oswal 

The switch board
of the mind is heart.



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