Wise Pick For 4 April


Rachel Rode

And then,
instead of endlessly searching,
I became my own friend.

Mary S Rogers

And when I made peace
with my past,
accepted it, embraced it,
only then I moved forward,
towards future.

Sandra Lynne

They may call me introverted
but they don’t understand
the friendship I have
with my thoughts.


Felicia Holmes

A sound mind,
is the most comforting
companion you will find.

JV Torio

You can either
be your worst enemy
or best company.
You choose.



Asmiya S

A person who is fond
of his own thoughts
will never be afraid
of the loneliness.

Aarion Moorehead

A long stroll
with my thoughts
brings peace within.

Aruna Irani

Your mind is a powerful tool;
it can either take you anywhere you want
or leave you where your at.
It depends on you.

Phyllis Snider Boyer

Being at peace
with your own thoughts
assures a contented
heart and mind.

Cory E Lizabeth

Sometimes being alone
with your own thoughts
in your own company
is better than feeling alone
in the presence of people.

Shilpika Bagh

Thoughts that
‘comfort’ you
are the ones to keep.

Brenda Stanley

Never fear
embracing your thoughts!


Mary Kirkpatrick

Our thoughts often
try to console, when our emotions
lose control.

Carina Saals

Embrace your thoughts;
it determines your direction in life
which ultimately determines
your destination.


Aparna Goswami

Unless your presence
is better than my solitude,
I am better of without you!

Andrea Martín

Imagination is more comforting
than reality.


Cody McGladdery

Sometimes the thought
Is all you’ve got.
Make it your friend;
a means to an end.

Steve Muggs

When you fall in love
with your mind then life’s journey
becomes a walk in the park.

Ryan Padilla

Having cognizance
of who you truly are
and living life authentically
is pure bliss.


In the end,
you only have yourself.

Mai Quesada

I am my own company.
Feel so right,
comfortable and happy.



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