Wise Pick For 30 March

Nayna Ni
Pierce the bubble
of expectation.



Vyvienne Chamberlain
Vyvienne Chamberlain
Bursting his bubble
of princely grandiosity
in the hope of finding
the real person inside.



Maria Salud
Don ‘t judge a book
by its cover.
Rather never judge
a person by its look.


Phyllis Snider Boyer
Your vision
of perfection
is unrealistic.
Let me show you
the reality that is me.


Rinku Shah
I treated you like a king
and only arrogance
it did bring.
Now back to reality
is my trick,
deflating your bloated ego
with this prick!




Ashish Verma

Let me puncture
the layer
of your royalty
to experience
what true love is.



Ceona Chambers
I saw through your facade.
I fell for the real you.


Sandra Wallace
Pick away
the cold outer edge,
to get to the heart.


Ann Doherty
When I am speaking
it is to the real you;
not the kingly facade
your project to the world.
So listen to my words.


Shilpika Bagh
‘Value’ a man
for the virtues in him;
‘prince charming’
be a myth to live with.


Asmiya S
It’s not bad
to break
the illusion mirror
of your superiority,
in order to
know your authenticity.

Neela Rao
When the bubble
of illusion bursts,
we are all plain
human beings finally.



Mike Latham
To pierce through
a man’s ego,
one must own
the key to his heart.


Kamlesh Bhasin
Struggling hard
to match the image,
etched for years
in my mind,
with real you,
standing right
in front of me.


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