Wise Pick For 3 May

Happy Honey 

Behind smiling masks
There can be
back stabbing thoughts.

Donna Lehigh 

Shaking hands
while masking
their true feelings.

Brittany DuVall 

When you are
forced to wear a mask,
you need to
watch your back.

Dr-Payal Basera

A honey tongue,
a heart of gall;
on the verge of fall.

Sherilyn Campbell 

What appears
to be a friendly meeting
may end up
with dire consequences.
People are
often not who
they first appear to be.


I would rather choose
enmity for eternity
than to suffer betrayal
even if it is only
for a brief moment.
Though the moment is brief,
so deep is the soul’s grief.

Jackie De Klerk 

Be aware of those
who always smile,
they will stay friendly
for a while.
The facades
will slowly fade away,
until only
the butcher knives stay.

Rinku Shah 

Ready to attack
behind each other’s back,
Being fake
because success is
at stake.
Such animosity
is today’s reality.

Frances McCabe 

Neither one of us
knows the dark side
behind the smile.

Donna McCarthy 

Behind the mask
lies deceit
and lack of trust is a must.

Shilpika Bagh 

Looks can be ‘deceptive’;
not everyone
you meet is ‘receptive’.

Ashish Verma

We are definitely gonna
kill our assigned task
as our identity is hidden
behind this mask.

Aparna Goswami 

Masking the intentions,
clouding the frown,
look for the emotions
that are not shown.

Felicia Holmes 

If you can’t
see past the mask
and into the eyes,
assume their offer of peace,
is full of lies.

Teresa Murphy 

When you
look into the face
that wears a mask
beware the thoughts
behind it.

Kamlesh Bhasin 

Mean intentions
& cruel motives
concealed behind
masked faces
& fake greetings.

Jessica Young-Lazo 

People may
appear nice and friendly
but can actually be
thinking sinister thoughts.

Oril Otares 

People are
prone to put on their
nice facade.
But deep inside
is the real intent
of the heart.
Trust no one but God.

Maria Ferns 

To win a race
everyone has a
mask on the face.
We all in the game
with a hidden dagger.

Äñîtå Sãhóø

It’s our tendency
to eclipse our
real motives behind
a facade of
charming beams
in a working environment.

Marie Forster

hand in hand
outstretched we shake,
with ill-intentioned
smile we fake,
appearance does not
a true man make,
poised, in a heartbeat,
life ready to take.


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