Wise Pick For 3 April

Kathrin Samad
The steps to success
are littered with failure.



Donna McCarthy

Life is like juggling.
Sometimes you
drop the plate
and it shatters,
but you never give up
until it’s mastered.


Bran Darius Valdehueza

Every master was
once a disaster.


Mai Quesada

Failures pave
our way to Success!


Rinku Shah

You mastered the art
of struggling before juggling.
Indeed failure is the best teacher.
Provided you don’t give up


Eric Montemar

Behind every master
was once
a struggling beginner.

Jackie De Klerk

When you fail,
stand up and try again,
slowly but surely
you will climb
the steps of success
and show the world
what you are made of.

Shilpika Bagh

Only if we could see
the ‘struggle’
behind the ‘juggle’.

Debby Trunnell

Pick up the broken pieces
and continue on.

Jesenia Carnero

To succeed,
it all has to
fall apart at first.

Phyllis Snider Boyer

The pathway to success
is in taking
one broken step
at a time.

Asmiya S

Don’t give up
until you get your success
because your victory
will scatter many times
to attain it’s fullness.

Abegail Turingan

Most people
will only ever see
the finished product,
not the struggle
to get there.


Mai Quesada

Success is fulfilling
when labored with
patience and perseverance.

Aamir Qais Anzar

Success comes
though a journey
of hardship and failures.

Hazel Ann Cruz

People appreciates
only the perfections,
not the million trials.

Mo Nette

It takes failure
for achievement,
and courage to perfection.


Ikenna Onwuekwe

Out of sight
are the paths of mistakes
that precede
a seemingly perfect end.

Christy Gagnon

The master has failed more times
than the beginner has tried.


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